When Do You Need A Cosmetic Dentist

How do you know when it is time to see a cosmetic dentist?

Cosmetic dentistry is an area of dental care focusing on making improvements to the appearance of your teeth, smile, and gums. Some cosmetic dentistry procedures are elective, but other procedures are restorative. Many people are confused by the different dental specialties, especially if there are areas that overlap. Therefore, you may be looking for an answer to this important question: When do you need a cosmetic dentist? If so, continue reading for information on determining whether you need a cosmetic dentist and the typical procedures handled by these dentists.

When Do You Need a Cosmetic Dentist?

The need for cosmetic dentistry can be related to appearance or health issues. Within these two broad categories, there are several signs that you may benefit from cosmetic dentistry.

• Appearance: You may have teeth that are discolored, missing, cracked or chipped. Perhaps you have a crooked smile, an overbite or large gaps between your teeth. If you have missing teeth, you may notice that your facial contours have altered. If your appearance leaves you hesitant to smile, reluctant to eat in public or hesitant to socialize, you may need to see a cosmetic dentist.


• Health: Without a full set of teeth that are healthy and correctly aligned, you cannot chew food properly, so you may be experiencing frequent heartburn, acid reflux or other digestive issues. If your teeth are misaligned or crooked, you may be suffering from frequent headaches that may become debilitating. You may also experience pain or pressure in one or both jaws, your neck or your face.

What Can a Cosmetic Dentist Do to Help You?

A cosmetic dentist can help restore both the functionality and appearance of your smile. In turn, this can help you take full advantage of career and social opportunities. Here are some of the typical procedures performed by cosmetic dentists.

Whitening: Whether your teeth have been discolored due to smoking or the consumption of coffee, wine or tea, professional whitening can give you a brighter smile. In some cases, whitening may be all that is needed to boost your confidence in the workplace or in social settings.

• Tooth Replacements: If you have missing teeth, a cosmetic dentist can choose the best method for replacing them. Dental implants are frequently used to replace a limited number of missing teeth or to provide secure anchors for bridges that can replace multiple teeth. Removable or fixed dentures can be used if all the teeth are missing or you need to replace several adjacent teeth, including a complete upper or lower row.

Crowns: Crowns are designed to restore teeth that are severely damaged or badly decayed. Each crown will be shaped and colored so that it will match the surrounding teeth.

Veneers: Veneers can be applied to handle a variety of issues. For example, veneers can cover teeth that are too discolored for whitening procedures to be effective, or they can be used to conceal misshapen, chipped or cracked teeth. Veneers can also be used to conceal gaps between teeth, and they are sometimes an option for dealing with crooked teeth.

• Braces: Traditional metal braces are still available, but most adults prefer the clear braces that are available for straightening crooked teeth. These clear aligners are virtually invisible and much more comfortable than traditional braces.

If you think that cosmetic dentistry can help you, be sure that you choose a dentist with the proper skills and experience. Cosmetic dentistry is constantly evolving, so you should choose a dentist who remains current on the latest techniques and materials. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work, our level of care and our commitment to continuous learning. Our dental office provides high-quality cosmetic dentistry, so call (281) 240-2545 and schedule an appointment today.