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Take a look at some of our transformations, here at Olympic Dental each and every one of our patients is unique and therefore we have a unique approach with a customized plan for each patient’s needs. To schedule your appointment give our office a call : (281) 240-2545

Dental Implant Olympic Dental

This patient had replacements of 4 congenitally missing teeth with dental implants and crowns..

before and after 6 month smiles at Olympic Dental

This patient was treated with 6 Month Smiles and Zoom Chairside Whitening. This patient also had porcelain placed crowns on the top front 2 teeth (#8&9) and the crown on the bottom front tooth (#25) was replaced with an all porcelain crown.

This patient was treated with 6 Month Smiles (short term cosmetic braces).

The crown on the patient’s top right front tooth was replaced to eliminate the black line at the gumline and to match the color and length of her natural tooth on her left.

This patient had an accident to her face many years ago that resulted in her front tooth turning dark in color. This tooth was internally whitened to revitalize the natural color of her tooth.

This patient had spaces between his top front teeth due to triangular shaped front teeth and undersized side front teeth. 4 porcelain veneers were placed to close the space and restore teeth to the proper shape and size.

This patient had a history of having several cavities and fillings on her top front teeth. Over the years her front teeth chipped and became thin. Four all-ceramic crowns were placed. She did not want a really white shade of teeth, but rather a more natural shade.

This patient presented to me with many missing teeth and all remaining teeth severely decayed. There were no available options to fix his existing teeth. He was treated with a full denture on the top and bottom. Additionally, implants were placed on his bottom jaw to provide his denture with a very secure fit when chewing and talking.

This patient was unhappy with the color and shape of her top teeth as well as the crooked bottom teeth. She also felt like her overbite was getting worse. She had an existing bridge on her top teeth to replace her missing front two teeth. We rehabilitated her teeth by “opening her bite” with new crowns on all teeth and replacement of her front bridge.

This patient tripped while walking her dogs which resulted in fracturing the tooth root of her top front right tooth. This tooth had to be replaced with an implant and crown. Additionally, a crown was placed on her top front left tooth and six other teeth were treated with porcelain veneers.

Amalgam (Mercury) fillings were replaced with tooth-colored fillings.

A missing bottom molar tooth was replaced with a single tooth implant and crown.


A missing tooth was replaced with an all-porcelain fixed partial denture (bridge).

This patient’s remaining teeth could not be saved due to severe cavities, gum disease and many teeth already missing. She was rehabilitated with a technique called All on 4 or Hybrid Dentures. These top and bottom dentures are permanent and are held in by 4-6 implants per jaw.

This patient had teeth that looked short and small along with spaces between them. He was treated with crown lengthening and then four all-porcelain veneers

This patient had a broken front tooth and a “Gummy Smile”. She has been treated with esthetic crown lengthening and 7 all-porcelain crowns.

This patient had a history of severe cavities at the gum line of his front teeth. He was treated with 6 all-porcelain crowns.


Before: The patient had a bridge on his top front 4 teeth to replace a missing front, right tooth.
After: An implant and crown were performed to replace his missing front, right tooth. Single tooth crowns were performed on the other 3 front teeth.

Crowns on all 6 front teeth were placed.

Single Implant Crown.