Advantages of Dental Veneers



Looking for a dentist that can do dental veneers in Sugar Land?

The Power of Veneers

Veneers can be applied to the teeth. Veneers are made from porcelain or a composite material and fitted to the teeth. This allows teeth to look bigger and classically proportional. Many people opt for veneers if their teeth are small, unevenly spaced or broken. The reason veneers are so popular is because they achieve a dramatic look with minimal work. Unlike other cosmetic dentistry, veneers require no drilling. They are painless to use and relatively easy to maintain. If you are interested in getting veneers for your teeth, be sure to talk to your dentist. A good dentist can assess your teeth to see which type of veneer is right for you.

Going Beyond with Cosmetic Dentistry?

While general dentistry makes sure your teeth are healthy, there are other options that can make you more confident in your smile. Cosmetic dentistry is rarely considered essential in terms of your health, but it can play a huge role in your overall mental state. With cosmetic procedures, you can make your smile more uniform. Tooth problems do not have to affect your health to make you feel embarrassed. Discoloration, gaps, crooked positioning and more can all limit your desire to smile freely. Cosmetic dentistry can take general dentistry to the next level and address these issues.

Your Choice for Dental Work

If you are looking for a cosmetic dentist that works with veneers in Sugar Land, then be sure to remember Olympic Dental. Olympic Dental operates under the leadership of Dr. Greg Got, who has been faithfully serving the community of Sugar Land for more than a decade. At Olympic Dental, we work hard to make sure your experience is easy and comprehensive. With the latest technologies and a skilled bedside manner, every checkup and procedure is low on stress and full of results. At Olympic Dental, we offer everything from regular checkups to advanced procedures like veneers. If you need dental work in Sugar Land, then call our office today for an appointment.

* Cover Chipped, Cracked or Otherwise Damaged Teeth

* Correct Gaps and Spacing Issues

* Cover Severely Discolored Teeth

* Correct Minor Misalignment Issues

Dental veneers may be a good solution for minor misalignment issues that aren’t severe enough to require braces.

Who is a Good Candidate for Veneers?

In general, those who maintain excellent oral hygiene are usually good candidates for dental veneers. If you have a sufficient amount of healthy tooth enamel for the veneers to adhere to, you’ll more than likely be an ideal candidate. Your dentist will always consider your general oral health before making a final recommendation for or against veneers.

Going to the dentist is an important part of staying healthy. Regular checkups make sure that your oral health is in tiptop condition. However, while general dentistry in Sugar Land is essential, a good dentist will be able to offer you more. With support from an experienced dentist in Sugar Land, Texas, you can improve your smile with veneers.