Dental Sealants

Do you need dental sealants in Sugar Land?

For most people, maintaining the health and appearance of their smile is very important. Having access to a skilled dental team when problems and emergencies arise can offer you peace of mind. Our qualified dental team has a great deal of expertise in handling the needs of the entire family, from basic care procedures to in-depth treatments for common issues. The information below covers the topic of dental sealants, their main purpose, and how to find out if they’re right for you.


What are Dental Sealants?

Dental sealants consist of thin coats of a special material designed to protect the surface of the teeth from exposure to bacteria, acids, and other things that can cause tooth decay. Dental sealants are most often applied to the biting surface of the back teeth as an extra measure of protection from damaging decay.

Issues that Can Result in the Need for Dental Sealants

There are many reasons to consider the application of dental sealants. Some people have deeper grooves in their teeth that can allow for the accumulation of debris, plaque, and bacteria. Others are born with naturally weak tooth enamel or develop enamel issues as a result of medication use.

While brushing and flossing are vital parts of an oral hygiene regimen, they do not remove all damaging bacteria and plaque from the deep grooves within the teeth. This is where dental sealants can be very beneficial.

How Much do Dental Sealants Cost?

The cost of dental sealants will vary based on several different factors. First of all, your geographic location may impact the cost of dental services. For the most part, procedures cost a little more in larger cities. Secondly, the cost of obtaining dental sealants will also depend on the number of teeth that are being treated. Your dentist will go over all the costs involved in performing the procedure in question before you get started on a plan of action.

How are Dental Sealants Performed?

In order to put dental sealants in place, your dentist will first perform a complete inspection and thorough cleaning of your teeth. When he is ready to apply the material to each tooth, he will start with acidic substance to create a rough surface that the sealant can bind to. Once the sealant has been applied and has dried, your dentist will use a special light to allow it to harden. Once the sealant is in place and properly cured, the surface of your tooth will be ready for use once again.

When Should I Contact a Dentist about Dental Sealants in Sugar Land?

Having the care of a compassionate and skilled dental team in your corner can offer you the peace of mind of knowing your important dental needs will always be met. Maintaining a regular schedule of dental care can help detect any problems while they are small enough to manage easily. In addition to routine care, a highly trained dental team can immediately deal with any potentially serious issues that arise with the health of your mouth.

If you’re in need of routine or special dental care in the Sugar Land area, please contact our office to find out how we can help preserve the health and beauty of your smile for years to come.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]