Root Canals

Root Canal Dentist in Sugar Land


In the past, it was routine procedure to simply pull badly diseased or damaged teeth, as we lacked the procedures to properly repair them once they had become severely damaged. Thankfully, this is no longer the case. Today, even when the internal structures of teeth are decayed or diseased, the tooth can often still be saved with a root canal treatment. This procedure carries quite a bad reputation, however, so below we will address some of the reasons why root canals are feared, what is involved in the procedure, and how they can be extremely beneficial in many cases.

Why Root Canals Get a Bad Reputation

Root Canals typically have a bad reputation in two respects. When most people think of a root canal, they first think of a tremendous amount of pain. While it is true that root canals are a more invasive dental procedure in comparison to fillings or other routine dental work, advancements in technology make them much less painful than they used to be. Additionally, our office offers superior pain control methods, including sedation dentistry, to keep discomfort and anxiety to a bare minimum during your procedure.

The other commonly dreaded aspect of root canals is that they used to be quite time-consuming procedures, something that would likely take hours to complete. Again, with recent developments in the procedures used to complete a root canal treatment, this time has been drastically reduced, making them much faster and easier to get through.

What is a Root Canal and How are They Completed?

A root canal is a preservation treatment designed to save a tooth that is badly damaged or severely decayed from needing to be pulled. During a root canal, your dentist will drill a hole in the affected tooth, opening it up. He or she will then remove the internal structure of the tooth and thoroughly clean out and disinfect each of the tooth’s root canals. Then, a rubber-like material will be placed within the hollow space where the internal structure of the tooth was removed, and the opening will be filled with a natural looking material and covered with a crown.

Today’s advanced technologies in both methodology and equipment make the process of getting a root canal go much faster and with much less discomfort than in times past. Our dedicated team of dental professionals is aware of the anxiety that many times accompanies more invasive dental procedures, and they will assist you in providing superior comfort during your visit.

Do Root Canals Hurt and What is Done to Minimize Pain?

Our office utilizes many techniques to provide you with maximum comfort and minimal anxiety during your root canal treatment. Before we ever get started with the drilling process, your tooth will be adequately numbed so that no discomfort is felt during the initial drilling. This anesthetic will be reapplied as needed to continue providing you with a pain free procedure.

If you have more serious anxiety when it comes to dental procedures, ask about our various sedation dentistry options that are available to you. We want you to be at absolute ease during your visit, and your comfort is of top priority to us.

How Long Do Root Canal Treatments Take to Complete?

It used to be standard procedure for root canal treatments to take 3 to 4 hours or more to complete. As is understandable, this brought a lot of concerns to mind for many patients. First of all, this time frame generally resulted in a lot of discomfort and post-procedure soreness simply from keeping the mouth forced open for an extended period of time. Secondly, it can be hard for busy individuals to fit in the time required to have such a lengthy procedure completed.

Today’s root canal techniques can typically be completed in a much shorter time frame, designed with your maximum comfort in mind while still providing you with the high standard of care you deserve and expect. In most cases, a root canal procedure can usually be completed in a half hour to hour long sitting, as opposed to several hours or more in the past.

If you are dealing with a painful or infected tooth, please don’t suffer in silence or postpone a necessary root canal due to fear. Our office is fully equipped with the latest technology needed to provide you with relief in a stress-free and painless manner, getting you back into action with a smile quickly and effortlessly. Call our experienced staff today to schedule your consultation. We’re conveniently located in Sugar Land.