Teeth Cleaning



Most people want beautiful and fresh smiles. Besides brushing and flossing at home, it is essential to visit your dentist for routine exams and teeth cleaning. Working with an experienced and caring dentist will help to maintain positive oral health, which will increase your overall well-being. Each time you visit your dentist’s office, you will receive a professional cleaning. This one procedure is essential for a healthy mouth.

What is Involved with a Teeth Cleaning Procedure?

A professional teeth cleaning removes plaque, tartar, and stains that build with time. Even if you brush and floss each day, a professional cleaning makes sure that your teeth and gums are healthy. Over time, plaque and tartar accumulate on teeth. They contain bacteria that can lead to decay and gum disease. A dentist uses special tools to gently eliminate these deposits. After large pieces are removed, every tooth is scaled individually so that all tartar is gone. Finally, a prophylaxis paste is spun onto your teeth. This is a gritty toothpaste that cleans and smooths the teeth. Fluoride may be applied as well. The entire process is usually painless and lasts under 30 minutes.

Why are Routine Teeth Cleanings Important to Oral Health?

Routine cleanings bring a number of benefits.

Prevent Decay. When plaque is allowed to build, tooth decay may result. This substance is acidic and attacks enamel.
Eliminate Stains. Everyday foods and drinks may stain your teeth. Items like coffee, tea, and berries leave teeth looking dull. A cleaning helps polish teeth and creates a whiter appearance.
Stop Tooth Loss. When plaque builds and is not removed, gums become negatively affected. Gingivitis begins and causes gums to swell, become red, and bleed. As gum disease worsens, plaque moves beneath the gum line. There, it may destroy your jawbone, which makes teeth become loose and fall out.

Why are Healthy Gums Important?

Gums hold your teeth in place. They form a seal that supports bone and acts as a barrier for bacteria. If you allow plaque to build, toxins may be released that cause gum irritation and inflammation. When untreated, periodontal disease forms. This is an infection that slowly destroys your mouth. Scientific research suggests that individuals with periodontal disease have a higher risk of developing heart problems and respiratory issues.

To keep your teeth and gums as healthy as possible, it is vital to visit your dentist for regular checkups and professional cleanings. It is crucial to partner with a caring and experienced dentist who will address your concerns and preserve your smile.

During your first visit with Olympic Dental, we will perform a periodontal evaluation in order to determine the type of dental cleaning that best suits your needs.