How to Relieve TMJ Pain Before Coming to the Dentist



Contact Olympic Dental of Sugar Land now if you are looking for a dentist to diagnose and treat your TMJ pain. However, you may want to try a few of the following home remedies prior to your scheduled appointment.

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1. TMJ pain reacts favorably to the application of both heat and ice.

Hold a warm, damp washcloth on the painful area for a few minutes at a time. For an ice treatment, wrap ice in a washcloth or plastic zippered bag. Next, hold the ice next to the painful part of your face for approximately five minutes. Remove the ice pack. Next, reapply the ice to the facial area for another five minutes. You can also use a bag of frozen peas.

2. Make an appointment with a physical therapist who instructs you about various jaw exercises for relieving TMJ pain. Simple techniques such as opening and closing your mouth slowly may help relieve pain associated with TMJ.

3. Meditation helps TMJ pain.

Take slow, deep breaths. When practicing deep breathing techniques, do not breathe through the mouth. Instead, breathe through the diaphragm. When you take slow breaths via the diaphragm, your abdomen moves in an outward motion while breathing in and an inward motion while breathing out.

Although deep breathing techniques may seem tricky at first, the method is advocated by both tai chi and yoga masters. Additionally, meditation helps reduce stress. TMJ is often triggered by anxiety attacks.

4. Anti-inflammatory drugs can help relieve pain. You can buy OTC pain medications without a doctor’s prescription.

5. Consume soft foods.

Eat applesauce, macaroni and cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, bananas, strawberries, pudding and mashed potatoes.

Reasons to See a Dentist

Unfortunately, it is often difficult to diagnose TMJ because accurate diagnostic tests do not exist. Plus, TMJ is frequently linked to the emotions rather than a physical cause. Our dentist at Olympic Dental of Sugar Land will listen to your symptoms, examine your jaw, look at your facial structure and make a diagnosis.

Our dentist will also check your bite and press on facial areas to determine which parts of the face exhibit pain. In addition, X-rays can help diagnose TMJ. If your teeth are not in perfect alignment, our dentist may recommend traditional metal braces or Invisalign braces to help straighten your bite. Once your teeth are aligned, you may discover that the pain no longer exists.

Surgery is another option. However, remember that TMJ pain often goes away when you use home remedies. A surgical procedure should only occur when no other treatment alleviates pain. A surgical process known as orthognathic surgery may help relieve the pain.

The best way to cope with TMJ pain that does not go away after trying a few home remedies is to call our office. Our receptionist will help you choose the day and time of your appointment. Once you schedule your appointment, our dentist at Olympic Dental of Sugar Land will endeavor to diagnose and treat your TMJ pain.