Tooth-Colored Composite Fillings

What Are Tooth-Colored Composite Fillings?

If you've ever had a cavity and required a filling to get relief from the pain, then you know that the color of the filling can sometimes be white or even silver. A tooth colored composite filling is similar in fashion, but it will blend with the color of the tooth and the surrounding teeth so that it looks as natural as possible. The filling is usually made of plastic and glass so that it's durable and acts as a natural tooth. This type of filling can sometimes take a little longer to complete because of the materials that are used and because the material is made to match the color of the rest of the tooth as closely as possible. The tooth needs to be kept as clean as possible while it's being filled compared to an amalgam filling. These are ideal for front teeth or those that are in the very back that are used for chewing. 

Amalgam Silver Filling vs. Tooth colored Composite Filling

How Do You Know If You Need A Filling?

There are a few different ways that you can tell if you need a filling or not. The dentist can take an x-ray of the mouth to see if there are any cavities. If any are seen, then you’ll probably want to go ahead and get a filling done so that the cavity doesn’t spread and so that there isn’t any pain felt from the cavity. Tooth sensitivity is an indication that you might have a cavity that needs to be filled along with severe pain around the tooth and in the gums. You might notice swelling in the area of the mouth where the affected tooth is located. Another situation that might warrant a filling is when part of an existing one has broken off.

Who Benefits From Dental Implants?

Anyone who suffers from pain in the mouth, who has a cavity or who has any other oral issue that impacts the natural feeling and function of the teeth would benefit from dental implants. They are ideal for those who don’t want dentures and who want to keep the natural structure of the teeth and the shape of the mouth.

Why Are Tooth-Colored Fillings Important To Oral Health?

When there is a filling used, it helps to save the tooth from breaking any more than it already has. It will prevent food and bacteria from settling inside the tooth if there is a filling that has broken off or if there is a tooth has broken off. The filling will allow you to eat and speak normally.

How Do You Know If You’re A Candidate?

Talk to a professional and experienced dentist who can perform examinations needed to determine if a filling is what you need. You can request an appointment and consultation that suits your schedule. An examination can also determine if you would be a candidate for implants.