Mini Dental Implants

Like regular dental implants, mini implants are made of metal alloys that are well tolerated by the body. Mini implants are more slender than those of regular dental implants and are mostly used to improve the retention and stability of removable dentures. The base of the denture will engage the slender implants and also rest on the gums. Mini implants can greatly improve your ability to eat and speak with a denture, especially when used with a denture on the lower jaw.

When used to support a removable denture, four to six mini dental implant posts are placed in the jaw without making a surgical incision. Your existing denture is adjusted and made to “snap” down onto the implants. Unlike conventional dental implants, which often require a longer healing period and multiple visits, a mini dental implant-supported denture often can be placed in one visit. You can leave the office with a solid denture and generally can begin eating the same day. Mini dental implants also cost significantly less than regular implants.

If you have dentures that are too hard to eat or talk with, ask us how mini implants can transform the fit of your existing dentures.

Who Can Benefit From Mini Dental Implants

Even those who may not have been suitable candidates for traditional implants may be candidates for mini implants. For example, if you lacked sufficient bone depth to have traditional implants fitted, there is a good possibility that mini implants would still be an appropriate treatment option for you. Because they are much smaller and don’t go as deep as traditional full sized implants, they can still be a viable option in harder to treat cases.

Mini implants are also less invasive to have placed, therefore if you have specific health concerns that prevent you from having more invasive dental procedures performed, you may find that mini dental implants are a good choice for your unique needs.

Mini implants are perfect for patients of all ages who desire to have an attractive and healthy smile and who can’t have more extensive or in-depth procedures performed for whatever reason. Additionally, mini implants cost less than their full sized conventional counterparts, making them a perfect choice for patients on a tighter budget. If you are in need of general dentistry in Sugar Land, contact our experienced dental team to determine if mini dental implants will be a good fit for you.

Why Visit An Experienced Dentist

The health and aesthetics of your smile are very important to you. Therefore, it only makes sense to visit a dentist who has a great deal of experience in the procedures you are looking at having completed. A skilled dental professional will be able to offer you the highest quality work, with your comfort and happiness with the end result being the most important factor.

What’s more, a qualified and experienced dentist will set you down the right path of treatment by doing a thorough consultation to determine your needs and goals, and designing a treatment plan that is specific to helping you meet those goals.

If you are in need of a Dentist in Sugar Land, contact our office today to set up an appointment for a full evaluation and a detailed treatment plan according to your specific needs and goals.
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