How to Recover From Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Recover From Wisdom Teeth Extracton

Many people in Sugar Land have to get their wisdom teeth removed. Your wisdom teeth may be misaligned, or they might cause pain and other dental problems. Your dentist will examine your wisdom teeth to make certain that they are in line and that your mouth has enough room for them. If there are problems, your dentist may recommend that you go


through wisdom teeth extraction. The extraction procedure is fairly quick and usually takes less than one hour. After your surgery, it is important for you to know what to do and what to avoid during your recovery. Here is what we think that you should know about the recovery period after you have your wisdom teeth removed.

How long should you rest after getting your wisdom teeth extracted?

Following the extraction of your wisdom teeth, you should rest in bed for the first day. You should avoid any strenuous activity, lifting, bending or exercising because they can cause an increase in the bleeding. In the period after your surgery, exercising may also cause more discomfort and swelling. It is best to avoid exercising after your wisdom teeth extraction for three to four days and to try to keep your activities to a minimum.

What kinds of foods to eat

When you are in the post-operative period, the swelling and discomfort from the extraction procedure will make eating difficult. You should not use a straw for 24 hours after your surgery. Try to eat nutritious foods that are not too hot. In some cases, you might want to limit your food intake during the first day to foods that have been pureed or that are liquid such as yogurt, soup, applesauce, pudding or other similar foods.

Try to avoid foods that require you to chew. Initially, you may have lost sensation in your tongue, and you do not want to choose foods like nuts or seeds that require chewing because you might bite your tongue instead and injure it. You also don’t want these types of foods to get stuck in the sockets from which your teeth were extracted. Gradually begin adding solid foods to your diet over a period of several days. You should not skip meals. Getting enough calories while you are recovering from your extraction surgery can help to speed the healing process. If you have diabetes, it is important for you to continue eating your normal diabetic diet. You might want to talk to your dentist and follow his or her recommendations about the foods to eat after your wisdom teeth removal for a diabetic diet.

What can happen after a wisdom teeth extraction without proper mouth care?

Your dentist will make recommendations about proper mouth care after your extraction surgery. You should avoid brushing your teeth for the first day. Instead, rinse your mouth gently with a saltwater solution for the first day. After that, brush your teeth, but avoid brushing any areas with blood clots. Do not smoke because it can cause the bleeding to worsen and slow the healing process.

If you do not properly care for your mouth after a wisdom teeth extraction procedure, you may develop an infection. Some people also develop a painful condition called dry socket, which occurs when the blood clot that forms in the socket over the bone and nerves dissolves or is dislodged. If this happens, the bone and your nerves will be exposed to the air, and it is very painful. Make certain to follow your doctor’s recommendations during the recovery process to avoid these complications.

Contact a professional about wisdom teeth extraction in Sugar Land

If you are suffering from dental pain because of your wisdom teeth, or they are pushing your other teeth out of line, it is important for you to talk to a professional about getting your wisdom teeth extracted. We have performed many wisdom teeth extractions for people in Sugar Land. Call us today to schedule your appointment.