Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Options for Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Do you need wisdom teeth extraction in Sugar Land?

Wisdom teeth arrive much later in life, but instead of making people wise, they usually just cause problems. Because of this, many people have their wisdom teeth removed. Before committing to any procedure, it is important to understand what it is and how it wisdom-teeth-exraction-sugarlandworks.

Your mouth should be assessed to see if extraction is necessary. This is possible through scans and a physical examination of your mouth. A trained dentist or oral surgeon will consider the amount of space available and the position of your other teeth. If there is plenty of space, your wisdom teeth may be just fine. However, many people have limited space. Without sufficient space, wisdom teeth can become impacted or cause problems with other teeth. When teeth become impacted in bone or other teeth, there is intense pain. Due to this risk, many dentists encourage early extraction as a preventative measure.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Sugar Land

If extraction is the right choice for you, consider the method. For some patients, wisdom teeth can be removed after they have come in. When the teeth are visible, removing them is much more straightforward and can be completed with fewer interventions. However, if the teeth are removed before they have broken the gum, then oral surgery is required. In this process, the gum is surgically opened, and the tooth is removed from beneath in pieces. This procedure is more invasive, but it prevents the risk of teeth becoming impacted.


After discussing the type of extraction, learn about your options for anesthesia. For minimally invasive procedures, local anesthesia is sufficient. Oral surgery requires more considerations. In these situations, heavy local anesthesia is possible. If you choose this option, you will remain awake during the procedure, but all parts of your mouth will be heavily numbed. This method of anesthetization has a reduced recovery time and fewer risks of complications. However, many people find it unpleasant to be awake since the sounds of extraction can be unsettling.


Alternatively, patients can be put to sleep through intravenous medications. For these procedures, patients are fully anesthetized and must be carefully monitored to ensure that no respiratory complications occur. The risk of such complications is minimal but still a consideration. By being put to sleep, patients will have no memory of the procedure. Patients must be monitored after the procedure for a longer period of time, and it may take several hours for them to become aware. Accordingly, patients must have assistance getting home after the procedure.


With either method, recovery is typically streamlined. Rest is recommended for the first few days, and patients are encouraged to avoid excessive physical activity. If surgery was required, patients may be in pain for several days, and pain medication may be prescribed. The holes inside the mouth must be kept clean in order to prevent infection. Patients should wait for several days before resuming a normal diet of solid foods. The most common complication after surgery is called a dry socket. Dry sockets usually heal with proper care, but they can be extremely painful. Learn more about recovery methods here.

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Overall, the prognosis after removing your wisdom teeth is quite good. Few people experience any lasting complications, which is why this dental procedure remains common. Be sure to talk to your dentist or oral surgeon about whether or not wisdom teeth extraction is right for you.